Rick Ross — The Great Americans lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "The Great Americans" by Rick Ross.


Where young niggas die every few seconds
But we still just wanna be great Americans, yeah
Uh, I was born to be another number
So was number 1, I pray I never fumble
Uh, I used to wear the cheapest clothes
Now my posters in the reefer stores (huh)
I be posted like I’m 7'4″
'Til the day I’m knocking at my heaven’s door
Just like Club LIV when that confetti fall
I fell in love with the game, damn it’s a distant love
I let her see it just to tell her friends what she saw
200 mil' how I get it, damn I can’t be far
I keep my sneakers low cut
Heat fitted, G-5 with the nose up
Self made, St. Regis with the toast up
Room service, Belaire, time to toast up
My attraction have African in them happy homes
Never seen a square nigga with a happy home
All the money generated, double M the greatest (Maybach Music)
Rest in peace to every genius that never made it
Don’t it sound like I’m dedicated?
Joe Flacco deal, nigga with hot flows
Whole cheerleading squad all through my iPhone
All them hoes in my iPhone, nigga, yeah
Sneakers snow white, nigga, at the 50 yard line (huh)
«It's Kay Foxx reporting live
A Carol City rapper facing the music
Connected to an alleged robbery and assault
Gunplay surrendered at Miami-Dade headquarter
The charge armed robbery means he cannot post bond.»
Momma poor, daddy poor, what’s the antidote?
Wind through the window blew the candle out
No lights, many cold nights
Hungry belly, burning, yearning rice
Rent late, on a plate, just a blank space
Old girl lookin' at me with the blank face
Made it off a prayer and a saint’s grace
AK’s kept me in a safe space
Sucka free for the one three
Probably on tour for the one four
Sucka tried to give me life plus one more
But I gave it back and told them «fuck y’all!»
In this day and time I got a '89
Miami state of mind, cocaine, steak and wine
Understand I over came
Made it through rain and open flames
Niggas was sold for, practically nothin'
Who became great Americans
Uh, my car be parked out front of Darby (yeah)
My chick Barbie, your bitch gar-B
A-G-E, I just A-T-E
Sippin' A-C-E over at A-B-E (nice)
And offers, I’m not a back-and-forth'er
I don’t make friends baby, I make offers
Like you can get with this (or) or you can get with that (huh)
I think you get with this (huh) cause this is where it’s at (haha)
Hate when broke niggas try to play mediator (word)
Keep your two cents to yourself, you might need it later (word)
Silence is golden, duck tape is silver (yeah)
Professional shooters, Leon and Mathilda
Yeah, my woman vary, just give me a young Tahiry (feel me?)
Who do whatever I ask of her, dead Siri (feel me?)
My theory keep winning as the days change
Yesterday’s home-runs won’t win today’s games, nigga
Win today’s games, nigga, uh
Life’s a game, it’s only how you play it
Take advice from a few who made it
Got a chance, you should go and take it
Get it now, homie, why you waitin'?
Got a dream? You should go and chase it
Be creative, stop bein' basic
Keep it movin', don’t be complacent
Show love, why you hatin'?
You could be somebody famous
You could be somebody famous
Great American dreams, yeah
This the legendary DJ Scream talkin to you
«Self Made 3»