Richie Branson — 28 lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "28" by Richie Branson.


Long ago when rap was just a hobby
I dropped outta college
I moved home with my mom and got a job
Arranging racks at abercrombie
Life was moving slow
Like the walking speed of a George Romero zombie
And one day everything would change
And the kid you used to know as Marcus Brown
Would never be the same
My mental state became unstable but not insane
I suffered a much worst fate
I’ve come to call it rage.
I felt a sudden urge for violence
That took me by surprise so I began to clutch my eyelids
the color red began to flood into my eye risis
And thats when I realized this was not a typicall virus
I became infected
No discretion
Faint complextion
Gained perseption
Long story short, I became a weapon
My only dream was to obtain perfection
And that was the moment when this curse
Became a blessing
I was destined to become a Savage
Far from average
I’m reeking havoc
I’m still a villainous evil bastard
With a taste for disaster
I’m scraping the plate clean no need for napkins
And I’ll be damned if anyone asks me
Who is Richie Branson
I’ve excepted my darkness
I am not these rappers pulling skeletons out there closets
I’m pulling it out of there Carcass
And no one can stop us
Not even a couple of choppers
Not even a tank if it was by driven by Michael Dukakis
I went from Savior to Nemesis
Don’t play with me its not a game
Zombies Ate My Neighbors on that Genesis
And I don’t think they understand how great my sickness is
I killed the club
but I forgot to save the witnesses
I couldn’t embrace the creeper life
At first I ran from it
And that resulted in some
Sleepless nights and empty stomachs
But when I tasted competition
I began to love it,
And so I started taking trips
With body bags as luggage
In 28 days, we can start an occupation
And in 28 weeks, we can rule the nation
And after 28 years of work and dedication
Its now time for world domination I’m just trying to maintain Imma zombie
With a taste for success
Instead of brains,
I’m Forever deranged
Rational i will never remain
I’m running the game
Like I’ve seen every level and stage
I’m feeling like a boss
That’s word to Meek Mill
I can’t seem to shake this cough
Cause my technique is ill
I’m wide awake
The competition, sleeping still
I’m okay with that
It makes them an easy kill
See I’m cursed
I’m forced to be immersed in
A life style full of loops & curves
I call it cursive
I’ve given up on resisting my murderous urges
No longer nervous when I’m cutting them up
Like a surgeon
I deserved this shit,
I just want my bread
cause I’m to sexy for this broke shit
like Wright said
I’m chasing after my dreams just like the undead
And all I need is 28 days
And I’m Seth