Rich Homie Quan — Water lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Water" by Rich Homie Quan.


I made a lil' money, then I moved my mama
Yeah straight out the hood
I do not have to explain nothin' to you if it’s misunderstood
I like them blunts and I’m smokin' on Swishers
They’re smokin' Backwoods
I do not want that lil' average lil' bitch, boy I swear that I’m good
Ride in that Bentley Mulsanne, mothafucka I’m grippin' the wood
All of this money I made, boy I swear I wouldn’t change if I could
Stripes on that 442 Cutly, yeah boy I just painted the hood
Feelin' like Morgan Freeman leanin' on me, I’m drinkin' the mud
Diamonds, they’re shinin' like water
Bubbles, they’re lookin' like suds
I got this ho screaming so loud like she gettin' whipped in the tub
I’m dancin', I’m black and I’m proud
James Brown, he knew what it was
If you start shootin' them shots, your shit, I’m shootin' it up Talkin' 'bout guns, I keep that shit on me, I swear that they’re loaded
I stay on molly like coffee, boy I be up like I’m on Folger’s
My bitch, she be naggin' because I keep sexy bitches comin' over
I pulled out the lot, I was smashin' I bought that BM, bought a Rover
She short like a leprechaun, got good luck like a lil' 4 leaf clover
She didn’t want to take off her panties so I told the ho pull 'em over
That’s when I realized the system’s fucked up And ain’t talkin' no solar
Got so much swag, I’m outer space, I thought I told yah
If you give him some money
He will not say nothin' for months, he won’t budge
I got freak in here with me, like vampire we want blood
I cannot fuck with you if you start your sentence off with a «cuz»
Thought I would drown in that water, lil' nigga, my head was above
I get my bricks across the water
Diamonds shinin', lookin' just like some water
I swear to God that pussy ain’t got no smell just like water
Water, water, water
Water, water, water
Water, water, water
My diamonds shinin' like water and that pussy smellin' like water
That pussy is smellin' like water, fell in love with the aroma
I do not want that lil' bitch so I let my partner get on her
He claim he know the promoter, but see, me, I know the owner
Like that red-skin, boy, she suckin' my dick like a piece of bologna
So many horse got so many 'Raris, like Kentucky Derby
I’m in the Phantom playin' with her lil' pussy
She closin' the curtains
She don’t want nobody in her business, she play like she a virgin
She just wanted to take a pic, she wanted to meet me in person
Then 12 pulled me over, I did no complyin'
Got the house on fire just like Andre Rison
This shit ain’t no surprisin'
These niggas disguisin'
Don’t care what you call it, got her runnin' like a faucet
She smell like…