Rich Homie Quan — No Hook lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "No Hook" by Rich Homie Quan.


I’m in this bitch puttin on like you supposed to be Louie V linen all over me He got the platinum car hub I got the golden key
Bitch I ball no dupree
Black Ray Bans on like I’m James Bond
Swear yo hoe was a ton of fun
One shot kill a nigga with the golden gun
Put the rich in the front just to know this quan
Got a L.A. plug
Who be goin dumb
Smoke till the kush
Overload my lungs
Dropped ten under there so the motor run.
Stupid- coupe it- roof translucent
Dueces, coolin everythang exclusive
Old skool, muthafuka sit up like a Dually
Most of you muthafukas really don’t do it Money my lyrics so I talk shit fluent-ly
And I am cleaner than you have ever been
And my bitch is a dime times ten
Speak french but I pay the hoe a yen
And now I’m out cause I just went in.
{Yo, that’s how we do it in this bitch man
Floyalty over Royalty droppoin shit with no hooks
Rich Homie Quan given it to 'em
This shit ain’t over
What you gonna do?}
I’m a break em for the spit popper
Wear trues cause they fit proper can’t spell like a witch doctor
If I get locked up bond out on the same night cause I got big dollars
Audamar my wrist no tick tocker
5 star my bitch 5 star my clique got heat now chris bosh her
I’m the superviser I’m bossed up Referee I call shots
Sippin on my medication
I overdosed on them gucci shots
Speaking of shooters
I caught another body
I’m the shit no tissue
Like a port a potty
Hips wider than a field goal
And that ass dam
Shol' pokin out
Love a bitch with a ass like Beyonce
Feeling like Jay-Z in my galonte shades
That shit you savin' ain’t nothin really
Teezy spend that in one day
My fungshway cost you 1K
Tell a gun joke
Get some gun play
House party no kid in play
That’s lil money that’s billy ray