Rich Homie Quan — Bout That Life lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Bout That Life" by Rich Homie Quan.


You ain’t really bout it Yeah
You ain’t really bout it You might talk that life, but you ain’t really bout it You should’ve seen that price on that A-A-Audi
Imma life my live my life so stay the fuck up out it I ain’t into interviews, I ain’t with the talkin'
Mama said «Stay on the pourch"if you ain’t bout that life
Why the hell you still calling plug
Like you bout that life
I bought a mirror just to face the truth
You ain’t bout that life
Therefore find yourself something safe to do
I’m bout that life (Okay)
Kill a nigga all day
I might tie him up Beat him with that ball bat
Struggle nigga 9−1-1 Cause you in trouble nigga
You wanna go to war
Grab the rope we could tuggle nigga
Blowing nothing but this bubble nigga
Smoking Keisha till the trouble comes
She gotta choice, Take hard dick then bubble gum
I be running with some killers
Down with some niggas you’ve never heard of I be running thru the thick of your plug pull you deserve us
I’m the man god damn god damn I am
I got a bag and a van
In the move we don’t need a middle man
She threw a subtweet, You know I caught it I ain’t gotta talk back like you know I’m bout it I-I-I'm bout that life
I take my headshots broad day
I’m my hood you hear gun shots all day
I ain’t squshing shit so don’t call me Nigga I’m all about my issuse like a magazine
A hundred rounds gonna jump out this magazine
And we will turn your block to a murder scene
Now I forgot I’m a member of a murder team
I’ll take your bitch
And let my little homies fuck her
Imma get that check up out her
Partner I ain’t gotta touch her
Nigga With his dreams
Freddy Krueger put a fork in yo nudda
I’m bout that life
I-I get on the beat and I start Diddy Boping
You seen his last tweet
He must be The 40 came with feet, that mean the heat are walking
Choppa like off spray
Hatters they gonna keep’em off me 12 get yo freak up of me
I swear i think she leeching off me I keep her calling, me like a bill collecter
This ain’t food stamp
But I will accept her, let’s start something real together
Flow so sick, ain’t feeling better
Make it rain on her, let her feel the weather
An empire is where my homies build together
I’ll be damn if I let anybody take it away
I made it a way, And it cost that price
Don’t talk shit if you ain’t bout that life