Rhapsody Of Fire — The Splendour of Angels' Glory (A Final Revelation) lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "The Splendour of Angels' Glory (A Final Revelation)" by Rhapsody Of Fire.


Iras: ''Thanor opened his eyes once again Aelin and Mornir were brighter than
ever He stared at Dargor Still not finished…''
Dargor: ''No, no… Why me? Why?''
Iras: ''It is the decision of the gods and the angels''
Dargor: ''But I am half demon There is evil blood pounding in my heart You know
Iras: ''That is the reason why You have met darkness and light…
and you chose You are the most powerful of us all The elected…
the chosen one''
Dargor: ''So… so be it I accept my fate''
King Uriel: ''Dargor's destiny was finally clear His death was only physical
But from the rest of the shadowlord’s body A new form of life was born''
''Erian's angelic spirit now embraced Dargor’s immortal soul Combining the
supreme energies of the cosmos To become pure divinity A god of cosmic light
Did breathe on the Earth… again''