Rhapsody Of Fire — ACT IV: The Betrayal lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "ACT IV: The Betrayal" by Rhapsody Of Fire.


What many believed was only a legend*
Was now lying in front of me…
There it was… Erian’s book of the holy angels
The testament of all the Heavens… beckoning to me
A black dragon made of stone stood guard over it Threatening with outstretched wings
As I drew closer my heart pounded
But I cast off my fear and in the next instant
I opened the book
What Erian had written 5.000 years before
Was now finally before their eyes
Elf of the caves!
Tarish, what in God’s name are you doing?
You insane fool!
I do what must be done !
Let him go!
Give me the book and I will spare the life of this old wizard!
He knows not what he’s doing!
I know very well what I am doing Hand it to me!
Give it to me or he will die!
All right Take the book but let Iras go!
No !
Take it from him!
Fools ! This belongs to the Black Order !
Leave it leave it!
Ah I’m bleeding!
Help him!
Do not let him escape Go after him! We must have the book
I will return with it!
As I lay wounded
An incredible pain shooting through my head
I saw Dargor struggling with Tarish he won!
But before dying, the elf king was able
To tear some pages out of Erian’s book
Then everything turned to black