Requiem — Premier Killing League lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Premier Killing League" by Requiem.


hey are the premier killing league
Denial of justice for the weak
Their greed for power out of control
The final curtain the end unfolds
(They) don’t care about human rights
Deciding about peoples life
Command in order to control
Barbaric dictators and warlords
It doesn’t matter how they are called
Ruling for ages in the unprivileged world
Oppressing the masses and freedom of thought
Conscience opinion and the right to talk
Premier killing league…
Controlling media, press and TV
The right to live and equality
Rulers struck by people’s vengeance
Premier killing league…
Responsible for a million deaths
Taking people’s last breath
Spreading fear through civil war
No justice before the controlled law
Receiving weapons from the west
First world factories do their best
Selling tanks and deadly guns
Account enrichement keep wars run
When will it come to an end
Ages of misery for many lands
The reason for this inhumanity
Is inside worlds economic policy
Premier killing league…
Premier killing league…
Premier killing league…