Rea Garvey — Hole In My Heart lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Hole In My Heart" by Rea Garvey.


I crashed I burn
I twist and I turn
I thought that I knew tonhold on to you
I see I learn the things that were said
That left us behind
They’re already dead
I’m reaching out
I’m reaching cross a world
To see if you’re there
I’m reaching out
I’m trying to see
If you’re reaching for me Ba ba ba ba And every time we wonder why
You said goodbye
You left so soon
And every time
we wonder why
You left so soon
This empty room
And every time I wonder why
You said goodbye
You left goodbye
And every day
I turn away
The question why
You made me cry
Ba ba ba ba Is no one …
There’s a hole in my heart
Let’s go back to the start of it You and me and making history
Let’s go back to the start of it Oh, I asked myself why you said goodbye
There’s a hole in my heart, ohoh
There’s a hole in my heart