Rea Garvey — Forgiveness lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Forgiveness" by Rea Garvey.


A traveller of light he came to this earth.
He had come to warn us of ourselves and whart he had observed.
Alone, Alone in this universe.
He had lost all that he had once loved.
His homeland had been cursed.
He said «I see in you what my people had been before.
Our love of power and of might was the cause of our downfall.
I´ve come to warn you to prepare you to save you from yourselves».
At first we embraced his knowledge and his thoughts on our world.
He was from a place far from here.
That bcame the victim of tyranny and war.
His father like any father planned an escape for his only child.
He sent him travelling through time.
Underneath the cover of the darkest night.
Tell others of our faith.
Tell others what you have witnessed here.
Have them learn that tyranny and war only leads to the death of us all.
Be sure to tell them that there is always another way.
A path we should have followed years ago but now it´s too late.
We listened for some time and he showed us of the power that he could wield.
How we could raise mountains into the sky and walk across the seas.
We saw him as our weapon to protect us from our unknown enemies.
Until we thought it best that he should canfront and demand their admission of defeat.
He fought for us on lands an on oceans that we had never ever seen before or been before.
He raise our flag obove the bones of those he had forced to crawl.
Now it was he and he alone who threatened our new way of life.
So we stole his last breath as he slept underneath the cover of the darkest
He left a written word like a message painted on our city walls.
It was the path he had spoken of to us once before.
It read Forgiveness