Psyclon Nine — Order of the Shadow (The Heretic Awakened) lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Order of the Shadow (The Heretic Awakened)" by Psyclon Nine.


The heretic awakes in me
The death of all and what will shall be
The serpent spoke this unto me under the blood red moon
Promises the end of days: the sacrament of doom
The fallen star ignites in me
They come to gaze and be set free from an empty promised world
That only serves to satiate the weakened ones
Wiith silver tounges who in hiding propagate
Now come and see
Behold his feats
Now come and see
Watch the sky bleed
Now come and see
Crowned on white steed
He speaks to thee:
Welcome to the order of the shadow
We call to the west and we call to the ease
The north and the south that we might raise the beast