Pro Kid — They Fell lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "They Fell" by Pro Kid.


Eh Amu awu inyeke idlale kanqcani
Jah neh, you know, these funny dudes that you come across
You know, they always wanna be far ahead of you
Forgetting that, time comes for everyone, you know
We all get to catch up…
Yeah I know … I remember
Yeah I know it started as a joke
When you were heartless I would cope
Weren’t you the smartest like you know
Now I flow the hardest then I’m dope
Funny dudes always faking
Money moves I’m always making
Now these crews will start hating
But I refuse I’m not breaking
Take my gift and start rapping
Left this bitch and start crapping
Make my riches as I happen
Haters lips will start yapping
Talking that crap behind my back
When I’m rocking a track it’s never whack
Now I’m bringing it back and it’s a fact
Trying to limit my raps but it’s a track
They fell that year (So they fell)
They vanished from the earth (they vanished from the substance)
Never knowing the clause (not knowing)
Or what laws they offended (what they offended)
I hate love and I’m not feeling it
But with hate I know what I’m dealing with
So don’t pretend and step villain and
Those you trust can be killing me
I keep away from competition
They lead my way for a collision
Hoping to get some contradiction
If I was perfect then its fiction
It’s not a lie you can’t stop me
I know I’m fly you can’t drop me
You living a lie coz you copy
Give it a try you too floppy
Remember at first you wouldn’t trust me
For better or worse you couldn’t love me
You gave me a curse I wasn’t lucky
Now you got a nerve to try and judge me
Hola Pro, ungawari sbali you know
Can’t keep stressing about this haters you know
All I’m saying is… you know
There is certain things that you must do
And certain things that you mustn’t do
You know what I mean, to get ahead in life
But yo this is what I gotta say…
Don’t pretend to be the hardest
If you know with love is where your heart is
Use your brain and be the smartest
Live your life to the full and don’t be childish
Don’t depend on destiny
Just try to channel your energy
And defend yourself properly
From achieving the clues of enemies
Don’t expect a lot of things
Coz people will not give you things
Coz the fact is that they will pull you down
Coz there’s a lot that haters can often bring
Like agony pain and suffering
But the good will always prevail
Move back and start the wondering
Just focus on yours and then them