Pro Kid — Living the Way I Should lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Living the Way I Should" by Pro Kid.


E ntanga eintlek ngizok’belela ngizok’belela
(yini soya vaya?)
A ‘thi ngishifthe nge majimbos
It’s another late night walk from the club just had a show
She’s letting me know, like P.R.O. I dig your flow
Especially that part when the beat goes slow
I said yeah I know, trying to sound dope arrogant
Oh my cell phone started ringing out loud
Pro: «Hello…»
Amu: «Yazi ini sani uzongiphatisa nge gout. I just made you a beat son so give
me a shout»
Pro: «Without a doubt so yenz’imali»
Amu: «That's what I’m about»
Alarms ringing start thinking
Fuck I was dreaming about late night’s drinking
Baselines kicking, moving to the dance floor with waistlines freaking
Next to me sleeping is the one I chose out of all these women
She’s my wife now, that’s a part of my life now
Got two beautiful kids we living right now
With a big ass mansion that’s a size of a light house
A man couldn’t ask for more I choose the right vows
I knew things were gonna change someday
Yes nothing will ever be the same
How can I show you that life is great
Oh I’m feeling so good today
I’ve worked hard just to get what I want
Went from the bottom straight to the top
Never gonna stop its good
Coz I’m living the way I should
I’m celebrating the intentions of a good mind
In my car thinking about the first hood rhyme
It don’t make sense I chose rap over shooting nines
And now I’m with my family having a good time
Had to repent from a life of a sinner
As a beginner I thought drugs will make me a winner
A lifetime investment is better than uk’spinna
Now I’m a free man taking my kids out for dinner
Have fun, play games, chill out having wine
Forget crime I got a rhyme, why should I get a nine
Maybe, maybe not, fuck that, never mind
Focus, fatherhood wouldn’t have come at a better time
Crime don’t pay me (no), ho’s don’t feed me (ah ah)
Believe me enemies will squeeze when they meet me
It’s creepy any chance they get they gon' hit me
At least I wanna be a grand dad and hit fifty
Pro Kid: E sbali ak’sheshe
Produce i-beat daar s’phand’u-cash
Vele ngiyenze kuyenzeke broe' wami uyazi ngithand’u-cash
Amu: Okay mfana fresh, ngipheth’i-straight mina phand’i-dash
Let’s hit the studio tonight I got a lot of tracks)
Pro-Kid: Okay sure ‘thi ngihlanganise ge I’ll come late
I’m straight fede second ngizok’vala jump tyd
I think I’m ready now yasuka le-rap
‘Thi ngihlanganise amcent we-taxi ngizonyuka nge-cab
I-ball pen phez’kwephepha ge ngivusa le-track ngiyusa le-rap
This time akuna ‘ku-luza foetsek
I’m sick of paying dues if dues don’t pay me, I loose
Don’t get it confused I choose to move with these cruise
Pro Kid: Hey Amu can you believe that it’s something that I dreamed about
But anyway I’m happy I was literal about it
Is like I made a dream come true, you know
Hey Nothende hozo qcula man come sing)
Yo, tang tang ta… da
Ah, ah, Amu-nition on production, what?
Uzwa uzwa, tang tang ta… da
Hai, ayi oyis’khokho sani…