Pro Kid — Ghetto Science lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Ghetto Science" by Pro Kid.


Ghetto dreams, ghetto stories
Kasi life, gotta talk more about that
Drugs, guns all that shit
Let me tell you a story though
Age 15 still a teen, living with a bigger dream
To finish High school study film, hit the bigger screens
Not to shoot boys or blast ass just to get shit
But this cute boy got access to best tits
Bigger brother is caught up in the hype for being foolish
Only 19 no lovers plus H.I.V and two kids
Should’ve been a lesson learned but never
Me, I’m too clever, said the little one thinking he’s better
Here’s a model chick light skinned blond braids bottle shape
Was the comparison used to define the body shape
Big tits, thick lips, an athlete with big hips
African ass to hypnotize you on some sick shit
Your eyes beam speak fast giving you the head rush
Big ass turns you on dancing in the street bash
Split fast I’m leading you now we in the living room
Cute boy kissing the same chick and they leaving soon
Second session within a fraction of a second
He’s sexing supermodel chick with no protection
Sweating driven by demons of misconception
Deceptions to live the rest of his life regretting
5 years later now he’s caught up in the blunder
He lost weight goes up soon to go under
Guns, drugs, slugs
Multiplied by thugs in the slums
Headquarters of corruption
Sick fools, with big dreams
Who skip school, sub-divide you with pistols
Headquarters of corruption
Ghetto science boy… ghetto science boy
Ghetto science boy
It’s ghetto fabulous drug dealers, who live with thug killers
Ex-convicts big guns the slum Hitler’s
From snyman to small boys who deliver packages
Cough pills shoot meals like trigger amateurs
Messengers, tell scorpions to bust savages
Chase a high school 100 meter gold medalist
Down the street over the neighbor’s fence is Africa’s
Finest corner is always on the look like scavengers
From D. K to star town it’s hard damages
Month end you gonna get robbed in dark passages
Can’t trust you rust you came across a bust
Everybody turning their heads and all they see is dust
That’s quick setting rubbing within a split second
He speak sweating heavy breathing coz shit happens
In these dusty streets so stay alert, now who’s your enemy?
Drug abuse some of them call it chemical chemistry
Dozing doping hoping they can start coping
With hardships of life but these pills are provoking
Soaking in sweat, got you graving this laws broken
Enter the single spot come out with eyes half open
Steady walking you smoking blunts you start choking
You are a slave to the circumstance death is approaching
And I just hope you could add that up
You know, and see how crazy it is out there
It’s just headquarters of corruption
And I hope you catching up
Okay let’s carry on…
Now we come to the bus stops, where young kids wait for men
To come pick them up in G-string's Jeep’s and Benz
Gold cards buy fancy things chick brings for friends
Month ends make plans we party and make breads
Make a living out of that like prostitutes take turns
Great friends hate each other coz they fight for fake gents
Shake hands you forgiven is this where the hate ends
Fake pretends never takes you anywhere so take stands
Tear drop from the eye coz you hurt but make plans
Imagine this, a career woman worth eight m’s
With plans to buy lands and push the latest Benz
Now every woman looks up to you for the latest trends
Some just to stick around from dawn to day ends
Loose jeans no belts g-strings when they bend
Over, it’s all you see as they tears man escape
If you got shape escape my sister you get raped