Primordial — Here I Am King lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Here I Am King" by Primordial.


What am I but a thorn in your side?
Frost in summer, to chill your heart
A drifting memory of autumn decay
A shadowed soul in a fetter of light
An abyssic voice in purile mind… a fallen one
Wandering by the shores, of eternal sin…
The sun no longer shines here
Endless waves roll upon the endless shores
A sullen ship drifts upon the blackest tide
Beneath darkened boughs, no song is heard…
An endless forest where the devil’s shadows play
…here I am King
I know no other world
I know no other…
For here I am King
And a King I shall stay…
Take my hand…
To an eternal infinity
Where the stars burn in my name