Primordial — Graven Idol lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Graven Idol" by Primordial.


Her scent comes to me As the night breathes
Her countenance grave
A waxed pallor, that lays every tomb
open to the sky
So she sees and ever watches
The stars revolve and dance for her
A velvet dream of crimson revolt
The rites of all… deliver her kiss to me
I ascend… erotic misery
We are blood to the bloodless
We are honour to the honourless
and We, We are gods to the godless
Gods to the Godless,
Honour to the honourless,
Blood to the bloodless.
The cruel day; it hurts my eyes… for it is night I ever long for
If sorrows sweet gifts have offered me thus
I am all that has been and cannot refuse
As her smile has ushered in the night
So many countless times before
I hear a foot on the stair…
I turn and she is there.
With all the gifts of the grave to offer me How can I refuse
A graven idol such as thee