Phosphorescent — Salt & Blues lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Salt & Blues" by Phosphorescent.


let’s stay right where we fell
here near that magic swell
there’s nothing else i want to do
i’ll keep very still
i’ll keep my distance well
i just want to watch you move
cause they’re shining now
and they’re crashing down
just like they’ve done forever
even when you’re not there
it never stops i swear
not for one second ever
a long time is what forever is but here’s this gorgeous day
just sand and salt and blues ok fear not but for the trembles
and waves like seraphim
to throw your hunger in cast out by the handful
and all i’d ask of you
is just one kiss or two
and a whisper to remain
and when this part is through
for my body to be left out in the rain
a long time is what forever is ain’t you tired? ain’t you tired?
if winter comes on time
in her coat she’ll find
that note i wrote back then
'sleep after every day
but never get to say
goodnight to you again'