Phosphorescent — Last of the Hand-me-downs lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Last of the Hand-me-downs" by Phosphorescent.


In the light that you borrowed
For a look down the dark road
You were young and you shown it Just a taste and you blown it And the current is fixed
And will carry you
To the point where you left it And right on through
I had a chain and a bicycle
And I rode all the way into town
With only an ancient photograph
I kept just to carry around
And everybody there was naked
And why would you listen to me?
With the hand you were led in In the dress that you bled in Touched my face and called me handsome
And then asked me to drink some
Of that unholy concoction
That will burn you through
And you know that it’s poison
But it’s honey too
I was a basket of bones
When I dragged all the way in to town
With only my boxful of coins
To scatter all over the ground
And everybody there was laughing
And why would you listen to me?
I had a handful of stones
I hauled all the way into town
To carry when I was alone
Culled from the last of the hand-me-downs
But everybody there was lovely
But why would you listen to me?