Phone Trio — So Fuxxxing Sorry lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "So Fuxxxing Sorry" by Phone Trio.


I wish we would go back to how it was before
That summer 2004
It wouldn’t have to fight the world to kiss you
Or show up in a borowed tux knocking at your door
I wish you would hold my hand
And tell me I’m your man
Just like you used to do before you caught me
Sleeping with your best friend
I wish we would go back to how it was before
You opened up that door
You wouldn’t have to know a thing about it
It was a one-night mistake I never made before
I wish we would skip apologies
And five years of animosity
I wish we would skip that night
And all it’s consequences
But it’s all my fault
And I’m so fucking sorry
I had it all
And it all went away when I took that fall
I had it all
Now I want it back
Bring me back what we used to have
Golden shinny happiness
Hold me tight all through the night
And we could stay this way
Forever and a day
I wish we wouldn’t argue anymore
When did this become a war?
I know you miss me like I miss you
So why can’t we us get together like before?
I wish you would turn your back on fear
and face forgiveness, love and trust
Cause I need you more than anything I own
How can one mistake destroy what we have sown?
And I couldn’t stand five more years completely on my own
I know that I fucked up
But I just need a chance to try and make it up to you