Phone Trio — So Divine lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "So Divine" by Phone Trio.


Your voice so soft and clear
Whisper in my ear
All those crazy plans you thought up deep inside your mind
And without restraining yourself
You threw your hands around my neck
And promised from your heart you’ll always be just mine
I thought it was hard to say
But maybe that very day
Was the best one that I had in my entire life
So I’m gonna hold you tight
Oh, baby, all through the night
And not gonna care who might catch us in bed tonight
So baby, just close your eyes
Before you turn off the light
For I might just kill you with burning desire
When I look into your eyes
Your lips so warm and near
Kiss me through this year
Like we weren’t meant to stay together lifetime long
And maybe it’s too soon too say
That everything will be OK
If we just hold on tight
And never again, never again let go
But, baby, I just don’t care
You should know that I’ll be there
Should you laugh or should you cry
Should I burn or should I die
When I look into your eyes
Your lips so close to mine
Our bodies' boundaries redefine
Our souls aligned
It’s so divine
I think I’d rather die
Than ever have to be deprived
Of having you inside my patched up life
My patched up life