Phone Trio — All-Time Favorite Band lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "All-Time Favorite Band" by Phone Trio.


Just because I have no personality
It doesn’t mean that I’m a fake
Just because I only turned 16
Doesn’t mean I love to hate
So don’t you label me!
Cause my whole life is based on MTV
I even bought some books
In fact, they’re magazines
About bands that I haven’t even heard of since yesterday
I’m gonna try and memorize all of their names
So I can pretend I’m better than my friends
Cause they’re my all-time favorite band
Ever since this last weekend
So I’m gonna tear old posters off my wall
Like I’ve been doing every fall
I love them just like all the other bands
That I hated in the end
I just broke up with my boyfriend Gerard Way
Cause I really love Pete Wentz
And I don’t know what kind of instrument he plays
But I know his grandma’s grandma’s single name
So don’t you label me!
I’m as authentic as punk rock can be
I got the attitude!
A metal band t-shirt combined with black eyeliner that I never learned how to
I kiss other girls 'cause this is what rock chicks should do
Or was that a boy?
Shemales are so brand new!
So this is the cliché pop punk part
Where we jump like a bunch of retards
And this is the cliché pop punk part
Where they repeat the lyrics till they stop