Peter Crowley — The Forest of Wonders lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "The Forest of Wonders" by Peter Crowley.


When the sun goes down
As the world falls asleep
Taken By Curiosity
I behold the forest so deep
I hear calling of owls
The wind as it howls
the last song of the birds till dawn
to this, I’m most drawn
Into a world of mystery
I journey on embraced by the breeze
My only guide be the fireflies
and their power to mesmerize
The spirits of trees
The magnificent canopies
Draped in Growing vines
one by one they intertwine
I hear the gentle strum of a lute
mixed with the rush of the water shoot
Losing all conciousness of time
discovering a new sublime
Out of mist the entitites take flight
Forming a cluster of colour and light
Harvesting Honey and acorns for their Kin
Twinkling, as they dance on the wind