Paul Mwai — I Love You Lord lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "I Love You Lord" by Paul Mwai.


Who else Lord?
Its you I love, its you I like oohh
Nakupenda siku zote
Usie na mwisho, nakuhitaji sana
Father to the fatherless, Mother to the orphans Lord you are, defender of the
widows, You are my father, you are my everything And the treasure of my heart
I love you Lord And i worship you, redeemer, how i need you Lord (repeat x2)
Lord I’ve come into your presence, to glorify your name. I have come to sing
your praising, coz u’r the only one who reigns. You are the treasure I’ve been
chasing, and the reason why I Live, king of kings, I love you Lord
How can I deny your love for me, when I can feel it
How can i pretend I don’t know you, when I know you died for me
Hear me Lord I sing this song for you, coz ur the only one for me
Redeemer, you are worthy my praise
oooaahhh I love you mmmmhh aaaeehh yyeeee I love you