Overkill — Weight Of The World lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Weight Of The World" by Overkill.


You feel the weight of the world,
And your back’s are not that strong!
Can you carry a tune or is the weighting forever so long?!
Do ya freeze in the heat?
Wear sunglasses at night?!
And are you beating my meat to the sound of the same old drum?!
Its time to shed your skin.
And with it promises,
And we bite down hard and feel…
The weight of the world.
Yeah there’s a song in them words,
Though they leak through your teeth!
You’re shakin' hands with the right
while your cutting my throat with the left.
Yeah, it’s the weight of the world,
When ya lay down with dogs!
After humpin' your leg
they just leave you with flees and just split!
The more I know, the less I understand.
Try not to think, out loud.
The more I know, more I know, more I know,
More I feel… The weight of the world!!!
Its the weight of the world,
When ya lay down with dogs!
All the names have been changed but the story is always the same!
Weight of the world