Overkill — Up To Zero lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Up To Zero" by Overkill.


No communication, no respect.
Zero but a world of words, a war a simple rage.
Not worth the time to look in or dissect.
He said…
Wait!!! I’m not ready.
I wasn’t really treated fair…
Wait!!! Not in a hurry,
I want the time I wasted back when I thought no one cared.
Positivly negative, zero minus one.
He beleives, he beleives in what he say.
A lifetime in a moment passes, zero minus one.
Borrowed time, borrow one more day.
Just enough to keep you down,
Up to zero!
Just enough to keep you down.
Just enough to keep you down,
I’m up to zero!
Just enough to keep you down.
Wasted, wanted, needed, feel,
When all is said and done.
Chistened, baptized, spitting on the Son.
Stop it here, one more deal,
A moment now to beg or steal.
A scrap of meat or one last meal?
Stop it here, stop it here, and
Keep you down