Overkill — Until I Die lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Until I Die" by Overkill.


Dope, black suicide
Eyes that look right through me Dead white feeling fine
The eyes are in a hurry
Into the ensuing flood
Look into never be Swimming 'round in a pool of blood
A pool she bleeds for me Time to realize the force inside me Seems to paralyze and go away
Broken and burnin'
And running the lie
Breakin' and burnin' me Until I die
Stone cold occupied
Thoughts that I thought I knew
When only you seem right
I seem to walk right through you
Face down in the comfort of What you’ve given me I have resolved myself
To what will never be Walking next to me The stark reality
Of what will never be If I had my way
I’d tear it down
Start anew, up from the ground
And dare I say
I want you near me To live inside this world so cold
Another day
Another kill me Another shot to be so bold
Dope black suicide
And eyes that like right through you
Dead white feeling fine
I could never hurt you