Overkill — Stone Cold Jesus lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Stone Cold Jesus" by Overkill.


Bought a one — way ticket to the resurrection
Got devil gone down on me It’s a non — stop, no meal, no connoction
Devil — devil all over me Hero baby, here baby plant one on your daddy’s cheek
Got devil all over me
I’ll be gone for a minute but no more that a week
Devil — devil all over me Gone through livin' just for dyin'
Hear what I say
Tacked to a six by nine
To please us Look like you get what you want
You a stone cold jesus
There’s a movement to, yeah thare’s an inc???
Got devil gone down on me With a one — man, two — bit congregation
Devil — devil all over me Here baby, here baby hammer down on the weak
Got devil all over me With eternty gone you will inherit the meek
Devil — devil all over me Gone through livin' just for dyin'
Gone through laughin', gone through cryin'
Hear what I say
You know I seem to lost my way
Seem to happen everyday
Not sure where I’m goin'
Or where I been
You know it seems to cover me With full-blow mediocrity
Not sure where I’m goin'
Or where I sinned
In quiet desperation claw
On my soul I feel them gnaw
Without hesitation render me Unconscious in too much too soon
I long for days inside the womb
Without hesitation comfort me I wait for salvation come
You know it keep me on the run
And put me in this place and keep me here
I know I got my cross to bear
I keep it with me everywhere
Keeps me in the race that keep me here
Got a stone cold jesus