Overkill — Overkill V...The Brand lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Overkill V...The Brand" by Overkill.


Ride the wind, son
Through my eyes you’ll see where you must stand
Remember what your purpose is And that you were the brand
Awaken in me if you can
The deaths by one’s own hand
Remember where you came from
And that you wear the brand, you wear the brand
Blatant, born in fire with little more to say
Than action speaks the loudest and yield the only way
To quench the thirst, desire, swifter than the hand
In bloody fascination his pride to wear the brand
Bend and twist and tear the will
Show them where you’ve been
A tribute to your overkill
A multitude of sin
Away, away, no time to stay
The union it still stands
Willingness, donation
We all display the brand