Overkill — End Of The Line lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "End Of The Line" by Overkill.


Take a look.
Take a good long look, and tell me what you see.
Through time passing.
Make a stand.
In your way,
Leaves way… too much for me.
On the edge,
I was there when lightning struck,
I watched the idols fall.
I could see it coming,
Could read the writing on the wall!
Time. Time after time.
The end of the line.
We stand and watch it fade away…
Sign of the time’s the end of the line.
It’s your move.
So play… it right.
Sometimes you get just one chance.
If I had the time I still wouldn’t dance.
I was there when lightning struck,
And yes I kept my head.
I could feel them coming,
Could feel the living dead!!! Dead! Dead!!!
Save your breath,
Don’t pray for me, pray for yourself.
Through time, keeling.
It’s the end.
It snuck up…
Quick and took you by surprise.
The waiting’s over.
I was there when lightning struck,
I watched the idols crawl.
It was the second coming.
It was written on the wall!