Overkill — Black Daze lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Black Daze" by Overkill.


Name the father, son & the fixer
And to the warmth we all feel inside
Strap it on and pour the elixir
To the days we count as alive
Concrete Jesus in a hell of a fix
He makes his living on a heavy-handed mix
Black daze, white haze
Shoot me down the adrenaline highway
Black daze, white haze
Shoot me up, count me alive
Seem to pray whenever I need it Seem to sin whenever I want
Strap it on intending to bleed it An easy mark, so nonchalant
Concrete Jesus got the law on his side
He gets his kicks pissing on my pride
Call in the fixer
Amputated spirit, executed soul
None but the shell of before
Exterminated feel it as it fills the hole
Here them screaming, they want more