Overkill — Ain't Nothing To Do lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Ain't Nothing To Do" by Overkill.


I’m so sick of tv You know, i’m getting bored of the tube
And I’m so sick of romance
I’m gettin' real sick of you
I wanna get on out of here
And find somethin' to do Yeah get on out of here
Just ain’t nothin' to do Listen
I’m so sick of FM
I don’t play my stereo too
Just wanna get out on the street fight free
That is somethin' to do Wanna get on out of here
Ain’t nothin' to do Yeah get on out of here
Just ain’t nothin' to do There ain’t nothin' to do
I gonna beat up the next juppie I see
Maybe I’ll be beatin' up you
Here I come baby
in your mouth
Ain’t nothin' to do Ain’t nothin' to do There ain’t nothin' to do Gonna knock down the next suit I see
Maybe I’ll be knockin' down you
Ain’t nothin' to do Ain’t nothin' to do Ain’t nothin' to do