Overkill — A Pound Of Flesh lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "A Pound Of Flesh" by Overkill.


Bloodshot on the panicked eye
Too gone for resolution
Too late for the gallant try
Or to find his own solution
Pray save us or to buy the plan
Vengeance is my name
Too deep for a drowning man
Too deep to call him sane
In the farthest place from you
Where blood drips through your hands
The action deafens every word
That runs your master plan
Higher go higher
Know you’ve paid for the best
Higher go higher
Can’t pay in cash, take a pound of your flesh
Turned out where you’re left to die
Turned into destruction
Set free where you only fly
To a promised resurrection
Pray save me or to find a way
Bathing in my blame
Tapped out but he has to pay
Vengeance is my name
In the closest place to you
Where water fills your hands
Your thirst is gone with every taste
That fuels your master plan
Don’t know who you’re fucking with the best
All the competition laid to rest
Humble as you crawl out of your mess
One by one, I count my pounds of flesh