Overkill — 80 Cycles lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "80 Cycles" by Overkill.


I’just alittle nervous
Just a little back — off who you know
I don’t think they deserve us As they sit back, back — off, here we go
I don’t care if you love me I don’t care it’s about just who you blow
I don’t have all the answers
I just want to know…
How low can you go How low can you go Go It’s just alot of crosstalk
I don’t think they listen anyway
I got hit in the crosswalk
Best be careful, back up what you say
I know you don’t love me But I know just exactly what you show
I don’t want all the answers
I just wont to know…
How low can you go How low can you go Eighty cycles hummin' like a big twin comin'
Eighty cycles comin'. I know
How low can you go Slow
Bottom out/ discount/ 80 cycles goin' south
Goin' wherever I go Kick start/ motormount/ 80 cycles in your mouth
80 cycles comin' I know
Go to Live free/got gas/80 cycles in your ass
Lower that I wanna go Die free/ sacrifice/ 80 cycles pay the price
80 cycles comin' I know
Once more
Your move/buckshot/80 cycles slingshot
One thing I wanna know
Bad move/ dog food/ 80 cycles too rude
How low can you go Your move