Olu — The Funky Alphabet Sing-Along Song lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "The Funky Alphabet Sing-Along Song" by Olu.


Let’s go!
A is for apple, you should eat one every day
B is for bright sunshine, when you go out to play
C is for coat, and when it’s cold you put one on
D is for dancing, whenever you hear this song.
E is for everything, and think it’s quite a lot
F is for fire, and think it’s really hot
G is for green — it’s the color of the grass
H is for hello, to be full when they pass.
I is for I am, then you say who you are
J is for journey, is when you travel far
K is for keys they know in front nine the place
L is for laughter when smile of shiny.
M is for move, that’s how we get from place-to-place
N is for nose, and they’re in middle of your face
O is for ocean, that’s all around the world
P is for people, like other boys and girls.
Q is for question, that’s how we get to know
R is for racing car, just see how fast it goes
S is for sunshine, on a big little sky
T is for the trees, and it grows so high.
U is for under, and umbrella when it rains
V is for volunteer, to give some ulla place
W is for water that we used so many ways
X is for xylophone, that’s pretty when it plays.
Y is for yellow, it’s the color of the sun!
Z is for zero, then we start with the number one
So that’s the alphabet, and now that we are done
Let’s keep on learning, and keep on having fun!