Oceanborn — Lifting the Veil lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Lifting the Veil" by Oceanborn.


What the hell is this motherfucker? I’ve always been an atheist fucker
I’ve never believed in this. The masses are full of piss
Fuck your god and fuck your demons. I got my truth. I got my reason
You give me faith, I’ll give you treason. Now the blasphemer’s full of shit
Life is short and full of regret
Kill the beast; become the godhead
So you think you can go? Just like that?
Who the hell are you, untrustworthy?
Speak your name and truth I pray thee;
‘cause I’ve grown so weary. I do not have time for thee
This forsaken place pulls on me. I curse the ground and all it’s armies
I do not have time to bandy treaties. I must away from this
My stained heart is shrouded in debt
You gave me fate but I’m not done yet
So you think you can go? Just like that?
What you don’t understand my son
Is there are many gods in here
All those living inside the heads of men
There are many gods in here
All of them do envy your path
And all to you do jeer
Replacing their fate with a chain of blood;
Carving out the heart to fill the hole with fear
The rook spoke truth which you cast aside
For in your heart it drew fear
To claim this realm through patricide
When all you want is out of here
Sati, Sati, your path will not set you free
Kill Me. Kill Me. Kill Me
So you think you can go? Just like that?