Oceanborn — Lead Astray lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Lead Astray" by Oceanborn.


You tore yourself away from me without a word
But, can I find you in this place?
I’ve walked a thousand footsteps
Still no sign of changing ‘scapes
You were the apple of my eye, but, i’ll never learn
Can I find you? Or am I trapped inside without a way out?
The soles upon my feet begin to burn
Am I forced to walk alone forever?
The sky of smog and pools of blood
Cool not the pavement of ash I walk upon this day
Ten thousand naked bodies;
I’ve seen buried in the ash
Am I just fodder for the laments of this place?
Or am I to tear apart this earth and find your heart out?
This is the apotheosis of despair
Please let there be some voice to guide me out of here
You’re here alone with my by your side
(But, who are you?)
I’m here to see your fantasies through
(Please help me find—the one…)
Come along with me and we’ll dance through the night
(I've died…)
You’ve come so far, let me do you right
(…can't lose sight.)
Just when you think you’ve had your fill…
(But this—feels better than my fight.)
…They'll come alive
You were the apple of my eye, but I’ll never learn
Please let me rest; slip away and find some comfort here
The fabric of their flesh feels sensual
My thoughts do fray into fragments in the void