Noisia — Friendly Intentions lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Friendly Intentions" by Noisia.


A sight I’d rather not be seeing
Visits? Well that would indicate visitors
Are big guns the usual way of welcoming visitors?
We haven’t always fired at them
For a time we tried to contact them by radio, but no response
Then they attacked a town
A small town, I’ll admit, but nevertheless a town of people
People who died
I never heard about that, sir
Well, it was covered up by the higher echelon
Take any fire, any earthquake, any major disaster, then wonder
Flying saucers, Captain, are still a rumor
Friendly intentions
Friendly intentions
Take any fire, any earthquake
Any major disaster
Then wonder
Friendly intentions
Then wonder
D’you hear anything?
I thought I did
Don’t like hearin' noises, 'Specially when there ain’t supposed to be any
Yeah, sorta spooky-like
Maybe we’re getting' old
Whatever it is it’s gone now
That’s the best thing for us too
Gone, yeah, let’s go