Nénuphar is what we are — Superman Without a Cape lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Superman Without a Cape" by Nénuphar is what we are.


I want to hide out in the back of old postcards
Like always by the end of the year
This feels like the slideshow of my life in sleeping cars
Bloodstains, golden chains, inter-city trains
In Kit-Kat-tasting lands I flee and I’m not ashamed
Bringing napkins and boring board games
In sparkling chocolate skies I fly and forget my name
I try to be myself but I’m not the same
Briefly I become a superman without a cape
Hiding in the back of sepia landscapes
I am somewhere I have never seen before this day
Bloodstains, golden chains, inter-city trains
My throat appears to be some kind of sunflower
Full of ginger and creepy splendor
My coke I sip it through a giant drinking straw
Do you mind having jellyfish hanging on the wall
Emotions made of wax after too many candle-light dinners
Just sit down and relax, your brains are stuck in salad spinners
They threw stones at your house, smashed your gnomes, you just looked away
Vandals and clouds of dust, it was on a Saturday