Night In Gales — Tragedians lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Tragedians" by Night In Gales.


Bark! we are the tragedians, we mach abreast
Onward to our inmost, forever exploring the heavens to claw at carrion
To cloth our hearts in thorns and our wounds in robes of salt
Tearful darkness, me! for yours is an inmost of scarlet tears
And likewise is mine of mournful origin was the herald of the sun
As its marrow drowned in us, the hordes of pain
Laughing within the flames of a veiled and fevered tale
But ashore the threshold to our very own tragedies
Our eyes cannot move the firmament of grievance
Holding the essence of all naked limbs
So sore but yet heading for other tales
From the blazing valleys in our midst…