Night In Gales — Avoid Secret Vanity lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Avoid Secret Vanity" by Night In Gales.


A limitation to utilization… my vanish
Is desenvatet by semblance… of banish
Struggle for fatal strength shall rise
My vanity is just usurpation through violation
Concealed to descent
It’s my time to fly through born horizons
Bells chime
Born in flesh
…pray for mystery
It’s the revelation
My throne of elevation
You my god… the life gets my thoughts
You my god… give my reincarnation
You mygod… take me to the garden of origin
You my god… of upcoming downfall
With my hands i can feel eternity
Went to empty skies to assume the history of eternity
Consumed genocide made this part
Mightiest apocalypse rise !
Sound of invisible time
Sing last souls' songs
Get the speech of my repertory
I came to live
Avoid secret vanity
Just heard the burden of wrath
Colours of selection to renew
Struggle of fatal strength shall rise
My vanity is just usurpation
Through violation…