Night In Gales — Autumn Water lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Autumn Water" by Night In Gales.


I hate this world before me, sailing in sincerity
Forged in the flames of infinity, I’m dead but still full of…
You dance through my spheres
And leave with a dead soul in the end
Is this the way life was meant, torture, despair, my descent?
My fears were born in your winterland
Ii’m left with the coldness of ominous tears
Autumn water, burning like the fire of winter-fall
It’s feeding my sadness
Autumn water quenches the thirst of all my fears
Forever and more, november in my heart…
When winter rises through the dawn
You take the light and close my eyes
You take my fears and bring them back, I thought I could cry.
But never again fire’s heart is ablaze