Natureal — My Zone lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "My Zone" by Natureal.


I’m fired up
I got liquid hydroponic in my cup
To the world blow
Know that we don’t give a fuck
Cause we be throwing that fire
I be sparking them flames
Smoke rise when i"m rotating them tires
Now I’m like, like, like
Would you believe
Nigga’s been cold since bombing season
Ya’ll would have known but ya’ll was sleeping
Now wake up cause yeah we eating
I put it ya face like
Riding through the city cruising through the late night
And we gone really put it down
Paint the town red
Like a traffic jam in the city
Streets full of brake lights
Don’t let me get in my zone
Don’t let me get in my zone
Stuck in the skin that I’m in
Gotta live wit the gifts n the flaws
Insane in the membrane
Shit stains in ya draws
Wash me up naw
Clean me up never
Anything u can do I can do better
Fuck what you thought when I’m on my clever
Fuck yo time when we on my schedule
Yeen talmbout shit
Nada, zilch
I done built
Stairways in heaven
Canyons in hell
Living like this Man U can’t really tell what’s the difference
From the home of the pimp shit
Chi town getting turn’t wit my misfits
Class ending
U ain’t learnt den u missed it
Straighter than a perm
Settin burn to u bitches