Nailed To Obscurity — On the Verge of Collapse lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "On the Verge of Collapse" by Nailed To Obscurity.


I am the witness of a depraved society
On and on — Just trying to be complete
Imprisoned — Caught in a web
Surrounded by strings, trying to be something else
Countless human lifes passing by
All the beloved — All the hated fade away
Is it worth to waste your own life?
What is no more has never been
There are many reasons to say «goodbye»
We can make it better — We can make it worse
We already failed if we don’t try
We better fight for what we believe
Than being mastered by marionettes
It lies in our hands what we receive
It lies in our hands what we get
Even if we stand
On the verge of collapse
We are standing in the rain
On the verge of collapse
Blackened clouds are gathering
On the verge of collapse
Never surrender — Never give in
On the verge of collapse
We should stray from course of pain