Nailed To Obscurity — Mythomania lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Mythomania" by Nailed To Obscurity.


My mind, my emotions, my whole being
Disturbed reflections
The agitated black surface conceals the truth
The sole thing I see
Is the beclouded contour of something that has been
Becoming the pariah of a world full of mythomaniacs
Lying to myself, lying to my so-called «friends»
And listen to lies over and over again
Without respite
I became a shadow of my former self
A stranger to the light
A stranger to my life
My burning desire is to escape
How can a system built on lies form such a strong foundation?
Many end in depression but no one answers to their prayers
Nobody cares — Nobody dares to face the truth
Mythomania — Symptom of a sickened world
No longer will I accept this chimera as a basis for my life
I want to live again — I want to be free once again
I was born free and
Ended up as a serf
A serf to falsehood
Habitual liar
Where is the naivety
I once had as a child
When my desire for esteem
Pulled the rug out from under me?
Decay of my system
Foundation gets lost
A fragile construction
Will never persist
Now I am the pariah — A stranger to your life
Breaking the habit — Yearning for the light
Foreign in a dying world
I’m the antimessiah
Prior to spend time
In building a life
Based on true dedication
I followed judas' way
I kept the distance
As long as I could
This shell of dishonesty
Will mask myself no more
I’m caught in mythomania — More than just dystopia
How can I escape from this grim, false and devious place?
Turn back the wheel — The wheel of time
Return to the age
Where it once began!