Nailed To Obscurity — Murder of Crows lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Murder of Crows" by Nailed To Obscurity.


It’s winter — So grey and bare
Alone like all the others here
Dead eyes, grave-like cold
Stronghold — Day of mourning
Day of farewell
Just too fast — Just too soon
Remembrance forever engraved
By the lonesome long of the crows
Faces come and go
But I can’t head for this
Never felt like this before
Unbearable pain inside
Thoughts I can’t suppress
Thoughts of helplessness
Clouded — Unfair — Why?
No one really knows
Eternal winter — So grey and bare
Familiar faces — Empty shades
Dead eyes, grave-like cold
Stronghold of solitude
Invisible trauma — Unseen fears
I can hardly hide my tears
Remembrance forever engraved
This song I’ll never forget
I’ll never forget, I’ll never forget
I’ll never forget
I knew that it would come to pass
But I’ve never been able to picture
The blackest day of my life
Everything that’s left is the lonesome song of the crows