Nailed To Obscurity — Drift lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Drift" by Nailed To Obscurity.


So many scars on my soul
Lest I forget
They pain and bleed
Remind of my failures
Is there just one path
In my life before the death?
Will it lead me to the ultimate goal?
Did I work the switches wrong?
Forks in the road I plod along
Aimlessly drifting — Just to go on
Drifting alone into the unknown
I accepted my fate
But I’ve been silent for too long now
My flesh is tired
My life has gone so long time ago
I accepted that life
Is a loathsome mess
Who can lead
Me out of this?
Lead me through the dark
Onto the forgotten path
Left-behind in misery
Lonesomeness — Oppressing me
Echoes of pain — Obsessing my brain
A malady to go insane
Cannot move on
I am lost within
Who can lead
Me out of this
Life of wickedness?
To the light at the end
Just another try
To unleash myself
Navigation failed
No way out
There is just one path
In my life before the death
But there is no ultimate goal
All the forks in the road
All the switched I can’t avoid
Aimlessly drifting just to go on
Drifting alone into the unknown