MyGrain — Planetary Breathing lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Planetary Breathing" by MyGrain.


World manifestation, return to concealement
Expansion, contraction, salvation through devastation
Universal movement like heart beat, awakening and falling asleep
Inhale, exhale — synchronized with galactic breath
Again I leave and return, depart and reappear
Awaken back to sleepless dreams, to the abyss of endless streams
The journey, undefinable eternity
The orgin, undescribable infinity
I am the grains of sand, I am the omniverse
Christ of crusader, death illustrator
Depriver of the universe, spreading organisms of the curse
Black star gazer, planet desolator
Return to origin of life and death, sowing the seed of eternal breath
Exploration of mysterious alliance
Fractions of universe, the legacy unciphers
Unnumbered consciousness coalesced to one
Connected to planetary breathing
(Breathe a sign of leviathan)
Eternal grasp of expiration, pendulum in equilibrium
In apocalypse nothingness, interstellar breeze of wilderness
Quantum mechanics of morbid soul, through umbilical cord of silver and gold
Of artificial intelligence, superfluous neuroactive energy
Inhale, exhale — a sigh inflames leviathan air waves
Apocalypse in microcosmic you, now reclaim the pain
Macrocosm in microcosmic you, the leviathan point of view
Blood cells to redshift threshold, emit the light to suction of black holes
Wavelength red end of the spectrum, light years beyond the body fuctions
Distorted time of event horizon, I see through my hand, the vital crimson
I am the grains of sand, I am the omniverse
I am the vacuum space of silence, I am the complex truth