My Fair Fiend — Halflife lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Halflife" by My Fair Fiend.


And when the doctor couldn’t help I went to the mechanic and said «I'm broken inside.»
But he said «M'am I guess I don’t understand. I’m only a man. I make machines
work when I can."When I can
Then up stepped the scientist, said «Let me try at this. I specialize in
answering questions when no one can explain.»
So I sighed and asked him «Why do I feel this way?»
He said «Emotions are just chemicals in your brain, and chemical’s decay after
a moment in a test tray. And everything has a brief moment when it flourishes
before it starts to die — It’s called a half-life. Now if you squint very
carefully with your eye you’ll see the process by which everybody tries to
survive. But the rules of science are swift and true, and nobody can undo them
as hard as they try.» As hard as they try
And the isotopes under the microscope
Taught me everything I’ll ever need to know
Except how to let go
There’s a butterfly with it’s wing torn off crawling ‘round in the dirt
Through the greenhouse of my thoughts
And when the little girl cries to see it that way
Her momma says «Butterflies only live two weeks anyway.»
Her half-life came five days ago
While she was in the sun making love by the window
For all we know… For all we know
She might have been destined to die alone
There’s a sullen girl in a world apart
Writing poems with a pencil on the white walls in the dark
She says «I know my weapon’s just a harmless tool.»
But still the brilliant fool who bound the tree to the charcoal
Never knew what it would do
Her half-life came about an hour ago
While she was on her knees saying prayers to the radio
But the song she wanted to hear did not exist
And with her angry fists she couldn’t write the words to make it whole
Half-life, what a lovely decay of words
And all the doctors enter the room with their pills and their cures
But nature takes what nature wants to keep
For all we know… For all we know tonight I might just sleep