Mustasch — Lonely lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Lonely" by Mustasch.


I´m a man with a fully function disorder
I´ve got balls enough to cover it up If you´re prepared to stand the slaughter
I´m so Lonely
And I tell you why no bloody chance
That you in any way can control me You say you really want to hold me
I´m to wild
I hate to say I told you so I was right
You said I was the coldest
Cold as ice
But you can hold me You can have me for a while
That´s just right, I´m not sober
That´s the way I like to be Among people who don´t know me
I´m so Lonely
If you really like to have me around
You will have to stand my disorder
You say you really want to hold me…