Mustasch — Lone Song (Reclusion) lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Lone Song (Reclusion)" by Mustasch.


I?‚??m sitting by the phone
Like so many times before
I?‚??m waiting for a call
But I don?‚??t know what it?‚??s for
A pale blue light the moon
From outside it fills my room
As I sit here in this gloom
And I rise to face my doom
I don?‚??t get any answers here
What can I say
Could you cover me please
Can?‚??t you see how I feel
I just need some love
But I?‚??m on my own
I?‚??m walking in the snow
It is Christmas and I?‚??m alone
I don?‚??t know where I?‚??m going
But I?‚??m bound to get there soon
And my destiny lies near
So near but still unclear
In all my greatest fears
It?‚??s present now and here
I am holding the answers here
I know what?‚??s right
Got to hang up the phone
I was born on my own
I just got to be strong
I don?‚??t need your love
I?‚??m on my own